What exactly is HypnoBirthing®?

HypnoBirthing a childbirth education class with an emphasis on relaxation. In class, you will learn about birth and the way the body works during labor, but we also spend a lot of time learning to relax. In the class we go over different breathing techniques, guided relaxations, self-relaxation techniques, as well as ways your birth companion can support you during your upcoming birth.


HypnoBirthing is inspired by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read's fear-tension-pain theory. According to Dick-Read, when there is fear present in a laboring woman, that fear causes tension in the body, specifically in the uterus, and that tension results in pain. If we can eliminate the fear, we can eliminate the tension, and therefore greatly reduce the pain of birth. 


I used HypnoBirthing for the birth of my son, and I feel like it was a huge part of my wonderful birth experience. I used the relaxation techniques I had learned in class to sleep between surges (contractions) until I was at 10cm! Then, I breathed my baby out, as opposed to utilizing forced pushing. 

What is Hypnosis?

When you have your baby with HypnoBirthing®, you will not be in a trance. Because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you will not be under the control of another, you will be fully in control of your own relaxation. What you will experience is similar to the daydreaming, or focusing, that occurs when you are engrossed in a book or a movie or staring into a fire. It is very similar to the relaxed state you assume each night before you drift off to sleep. Most of us drift in and out of hypnosis throughout the day without realizing it.

How do I know if HypnoBirthing is right for me? '

If you want to learn more about natural childbirth, how to relax and trust your body, and how to feel confident and empowered in your birth experience, this class is for you.

Is the class just for me, or can my partner come?

Your partner can come! The class is designed to teach you and your birthing companion about relaxation and birth. While some mothers come to class by themselves, it will be very beneficial if your birthing companion is able to attend. Your birthing companion could be your spouse, your mother, or another person who will be attending your birth as your primary support person. 

Will HypnoBirthing work for me if I come by myself?

Yes!  Many mothers have come to the course on their own as single mothers, if they have a husband who is away on business, or if it’s a second baby and they can’t find a babysitter for their other child. If your partner can’t come, we would welcome your mother, a friend, or whoever will be supporting you at the birth instead.

What should I bring to class?

Yourself and your birthing companion! We will spend time relaxing during class, so wear something that you feel comfortable relaxing in. You may bring pillows, cushions, or a yoga mat if you desire. Light refreshments and bottled water will be provided, but feel free to bring your own snacks, if desired. 

When should I take the HypnoBirthing class?
I usually recommend beginning the class sometime between 20-28 weeks of pregnancy, so that you have plenty of time to practice the relaxation techniques before you give birth. I have had moms take the class both earlier and later than that time frame with great success. It is ultimately up to you to choose when you would like to take the class. 


There are of course many things that contribute to an amazing birth. But I don't think I would have been able to fully experience, and even enjoy labor without Janie's HypnoBirthing course. It helped both my husband and I during labor and delivery and also throughout our pregnancy. Janie is very sweet and knowledgeable. She made sure that we had all of the tools necessary for the perfect birth.

- Jennifer


Janie taught these classes in a way so masterfully woven to help a new mom or mom of 3 to understand childbirth, and her body. My husband and I left this class feeling educated, equipped and empowered to take control of the birth of our 3rd child. I am constantly spouting off new things I learned in these classes, I wish I had taken this class with my first child. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for " a more natural approach to a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing experience."

- Jessica


HypnoBirthing was by far the BEST way to prepare for childbirth!!! Janie not only gave me an incredible experience in class, but she walked me through step by step to prepare me for the best experience of my life!

- Noel