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Setting Up Your Breastfeeding Station

June 18, 2018



With my birthing time fast approaching, I finally got around to setting up my breastfeeding station for when my sweet baby arrives. We plan to have Isla (pronounced eye-la) sleep in our room for the first few months after she is born, so I set up my breastfeeding station right by the bed.



I decided to make my own breastfeeding basket. I took a plastic basket I found at Dollar Tree, and I glued ivory fabric to the inside, and sage green fabric to the outside (which is fitting because our daughter's middle name is Sage). I think it turned out cute, and perfect for what I needed. 







Breastfeeding Basket Contents:

  • Water Bottle - This is probably the most important item in my breastfeeding basket. Its so important to stay hydrated while nursing the baby, and having your water bottle close by helps when you are thirsty in the middle of the night. 

  • Milk Saver - It is not necessary to have one of these, but I think it will be extremely helpful. When Killian was a baby and I nursed him, I would have a very heavy let down from the side I wasn't nursing on. I found these cheap milk collectors on amazon to collect the breastmilk from my non-nursing side. They worked ok, but not great. This time I have a Milk Saver, which is supposed to be wonderful. I'm excited to try it! Here is the amazon link.

  • Burp Cloths - These are amazing for cleaning up spit up, spilled breastmilk, or any other baby related mess! 

  • Breast Pads - I use reusable cloth, as well as disposable breast pads. It is nice to have them handy so that you can change them frequently. 

  • Extra Swaddle Cloth

  • Pacifier

  • Snacks - I recommend having snacks right at your finger tips for those middle of the night munchies. My snacks are not in my basket yet because my toddler will probably eat them. I plan to have plenty of dried fruits, nuts, larabars, etc. in my  basket. 

  • Entertainment - My phone charger is inside my nightstand, so Ill have easy access to my phone. I also plan to have a book nearby in case I feel like reading. 

  • Optional: Chapstick, coconut oil... I like to have these things close by, but you can add whatever you like! 

Aside from the contents of my basket, I also have a nursing pillow and a breastfeeding lamp (the small egg next to the big lamp). 


I would love to hear about your breastfeeding station! Comment below with your must-haves. 











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